Stevie Sightz - Ride for tha Faith (single)


Music has the ability to tell our stories, convey messages of hope, bring awareness to social issues and allow us to feel good when times are toughest. Stevie Sightz uses his music to do all of the above while planting seeds for the kingdom of GOD. From some of the vilest circles of killers, drug dealers and thugs comes an unlikely vessel and witness for the Christian lifestyle. Former budding rapper, hustler, womanizer and street deviant Steven Williams, now known as Stevie Sightz brings his brand of spiritual insight to the realm of Gospel hip hop

#Rideforthafaithchallenge rose on Facebook, instagram and tik tok this summer! Stevie Sightz is a Christian Hip Hop artist with a Hot new single to represent your faith! the first single off the "2020" album dropping late September!

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